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The necessity of choosing solar street lights in rural areas


Today's rural areas are self-built houses, similar to small villas in the suburbs. Traditional lighting is troublesome and expensive for electricity. The emergence of solar street lights has perfectly solved these problems. No need to pull wires, charge during the day, discharge lighting at night, save worry and money!

Solar power lamp, high-brightness SMD lamp beads, more color rendering and strong brightness, efficient charging in 7 hours, continuous lighting for 16 hours when fully charged, thick lampshade, anti-drop and pressure resistance.


Select high-quality polycrystalline silicon solar panels, use solar energy, automatically charge during the day, and automatically light up at night.


In rural areas, the equipment is not very advanced. Install a lamp on the ordinary fence, and I am afraid of leakage in rainy days. With this solar energy, there is no need to worry anymore. Intelligent light control, waterproof and anti-corrosion, no need to pull wires, no electricity bill, high light lighting .


High-tech solar panels are installed on the top of the lamp. It is very safe and can prevent rainwater intrusion in rainy days.


Give you a bright night, the horizontal flashlight features strong light long-range, 3W strong light fixed focus flashlight, two kinds of rechargeable solar energy and direct charge, so that you really don't spend a penny!


This kind of solar light is very popular this year. It does not need to pull wires, pay electricity bills, automatically charge during the day, and automatically turn on the light at night. It can illuminate for you when you turn it on. It is a practical technology product.


It can be quickly charged and discharged, and the cycle life can be truly pollution-free. The metal clip-on design allows you to hang the lamp anywhere outdoors.