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What are the differences brought about by the use of automated feeding lines in pig farms?


After the pig farm was built, many farmers kept abandoning the original traditional model in order to raise pigs scientifically, and continued to follow the pace of the times to innovate. It is these two material lines.


The common feed line equipment in pig farms is divided into auger feed line and plug feed line. The pig farm will flexibly choose or use these two feed lines according to the actual situation.


Let's first understand the advantages and disadvantages of the two material lines:


1. Auger feed line


The cost of the auger feed line is low, and it is suitable for straight-line transportation, but the conveying distance is short, generally less than 70m. The auger is easy to break if the pig house is too long, the power is weakened with a long distance, and the feeding at the end of the feed line will be slowed down.


2. Plug material line


The plug feeding line has a wide range of applications, and can realize the turning conveyance according to the needs of the pig house, and can also realize a one-day formula according to the growth of pigs at different stages, which has been recognized and used by many large-scale pig farms.


The choice of automatic feeding line should be flexibly selected according to the actual situation of the pig house, which can reduce the cost while ensuring the convenience of feeding the pig house.