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Zhenping County, Henan Province: Drone spraying helps a bumper harvest


In order to effectively prevent and control the occurrence of wheat scab, in Yangying Town, Zhenping County, Henan Province, farmers are using drones to feed wheat in all directions without dead ends. Spraying drugs, relying on technology to help agricultural production.


"These drones are good for spraying pesticides, saving labor and effort, and reducing a lot of labor," said Cheng Pengyun, a farmer in Chengmiao Village, Yangying Town, standing on the ridge with emotion.


Above the wheat planting ground, with the sound of the rotor turning, a drone took off under the operation of the staff, and the huge airflow under the rotor pushed the pesticide mist to spread evenly, and sprayed the wheat accurately and comprehensively. In just half an hour, the task of preventing and controlling scab disease in more than 30 acres of wheat fields was completed, which saved time and effort and won unanimous praise from the villagers.


It is understood that the drone can spray about 450 mu of wheat fields a day. Compared with the previous method of manpower spraying pesticides, it can handle the workload of more than 40 people, effectively solving the problems of insufficient labor and high cost. At the same time, the drone sprays evenly, which can save about 20% of pesticides compared to manual work.


Now wheat has entered the grain-filling period, which is also a critical period for pest control. According to the characteristics of the occurrence of wheat scab that can be prevented and controlled, Yangying Town adheres to the prevention and control strategy of "prevention first, proactive attack, and flowers and medicines", strengthens monitoring, bases on prevention, and uses the combination of aerial defense and air defense. , 5060 acres of unified defense rule, 35,000 acres of group defense and group governance, and efforts are made to take precautions to ensure that the disease is contained in the germination state.


In recent years, the innovative model of using high technology to improve the efficiency of agricultural production has become an important measure for Zhenping County to vigorously promote rural revitalization and mechanization of agricultural production.


In the next step, Zhenping County will give full play to the main role of plant protection social service organizations and new agricultural business entities in the unified defense rule, strengthen management and supervision, implement standardized services, and actively promote diversified, multi-level and multi-type unified defense. Governance mode, maximize the degree of organization and science of prevention and control, and ensure stable grain production and income.