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The application of manure scraper in daily life

The manure scraper is generally used for the daily active cleaning of manure in modern fattening pig livestock pens. The main machine of the manure scraping machine adopts a variable speed machine, one for two and one for one. The scraper is made of steel plate or 304 stainless steel plate. The working surface is pressed with rubber strips, and the scraping rate is good. The sprocket is made of carbon-structured steel and has a long service life. Chain, long service life and protection-free. Corner wheel, built-in bearing extends the service life of the equipment, prevents the tray from falling off, solves the problem of the pulling rope falling off, and makes the equipment work normally. The manure scraping machine can directly complete the automatic solid-liquid separation during the manure scraping process, saving the cost of single solid-liquid separation: the ground plan under the manure leakage board adopts a "V" type with two high ends and a low center, and the "V" type is used. The invisible catheter set at the lower part of the center, the direction of scraping feces is opposite to the direction of the catheter.

The manure scraper is generally installed in the open manure ditch (open ditch) of the pig house, that is, a manure ditch is opened outside the pig pen, and the pig urine actively flows into the manure ditch. Pig manure is manually cleaned into the manure ditch. This method is not suitable for cleaning manure in high-bed farrowing and nursery houses. The main disadvantage of the manure scraper is that the skew elevator is usually outside the house, and it is easy to freeze in the northern winter. Therefore, in winter in the northern region, the skew elevator should not be used, and the feces should be manually loaded and transported to the collection yard. The manure scraper is generally composed of a tractor, a manure scraper, a structure, a wire rope, a steering pulley, and a wire rope rotator. It is mainly used for cleaning manure in one or more manure ditches on the same plane, and the manure scrapers in the adjacent two manure ditches are connected by wire ropes. The active manure scraper has a relatively simple structure and is easy to maintain.