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The cooling part of the pig farming equipment

pig farming equipment)The effect of water curtain negative pressure ventilation is the best for cooling sows, but it is necessary to balance the appropriate temperature of sows and piglets.(pig farming equipment) Water curtain negative pressure ventilation can reduce the temperature by 4 ℃ - 8 ℃ and make sows feel comfortable; In order to prevent the piglets from catching cold, PVC baffle shall be installed on the side of the sow pen towards the fan to avoid direct blowing of cold air. It is better for the sow house to raise the production bed, and appropriately raise the installation position of the fan and water curtain, so that the cool air passes above the piglets during ventilation, while the temperature below the production bed is relatively high. The sows will selectively stand up and feel the cool air, just to solve the problem of temperature difference.

Water curtain air conditioning system(pig farming equipment): the water curtain wall cooling system, water evaporation and heat absorption principle and negative pressure ventilation principle are used to discharge the waste gas and sewage gas in the breeding farm and relieve the high temperature and muggy. After installation, it can effectively improve the high-temperature and muggy environment of the farm, quickly reduce the temperature of the farm (high-temperature environment of 32-45 ℃) within 10 minutes, and maintain the temperature at 26 ~ 30 ℃, which is the most comfortable environment of the farm.
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