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The heating process of the pig farming equipment

The ambient temperature in the pig farming equipment is generally not affected by the external ambient temperature. Therefore, the pig house shall be equipped with some heating, ventilation and cooling pig raising equipment to ensure the normal and healthy growth and production of pigs. Pay more attention to the environmental sanitation in the pig house, and timely disinfect the pig feeding trough, automatic feeding trough, sow feeding trough and other equipment in the pig raising equipment

Heating process of the pig farming equipment
The heating of pig farming equipment is divided into central heating and local heating. Central heating consists of a central heating equipment such as boiler and burner, which generates hot gas or heated air through the combustion of coal and oil, and then transmits the hot medium to the radiator in the pigsty through pipes to release heat and heat the air in the pigsty to maintain the appropriate temperature in the pigsty. Local heating includes hot water heating floor, electric heating plate, infrared lamp, etc.
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