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Inventory what types of pig farming equipment are commonly used

my country is a great food country. People’s demand for meat is very huge, especially pork. It is precisely because of the large market demand that it has also led to the gradual expansion of the pig industry. In order to meet market demand, all major More automatic assembly line pig raising equipment has also been introduced in the pig farm. So what types of pig raising equipment are commonly used in pig farms?
1. Commonly used cleaning equipment for pig farming equipment
When we talk about pig farms, we will think of the unpleasant smell of pig manure. In this regard, modern pig farms will lay dung floor on the ditch. After pigs defecate and urinate on the floor. , Urine flows into the ditch along the gap, and the dung falls on the floor of the dung leakage. After being stepped on, it automatically falls into the ditch below, so as to avoid the contact between the pig and the feces, which is beneficial to prevent and reduce the occurrence of epidemics. The key technical parameter of the leakage floor is the width of the leakage. Fecal leakage floors come in various shapes, generally made of blocks, strips or nets. The materials used are cement, metal, plastic, etc.
2. Commonly used cooling equipment for pig farming equipment
The pig farm needs to be ventilated. The air circulation can avoid the unpleasant smell of the pig farm, and it is also a more reliable cooling method. However, the ventilation method can only reduce the temperature of the pig house to close to the ambient temperature outside the house. At present, the commonly used cooling systems in pig farms include wet curtain-fan cooling system, spray cooling system, spray cooling system and drip cooling system, etc., and they have gradually begun to be widely used in major pig farms.
3. Heating equipment commonly used for pig farming equipment
In the face of changes in the four seasons, especially in the cold winter, heating equipment is required for pig farms. At present, the heating of pig houses is divided into central heating and local heating. Central heating is produced by a central heating equipment, which is then transported to the radiator in the pig house through pipelines. Local heating includes hot water heating floor, electric heating plate, infrared lamp and so on.

Today, we have carried out an inventory of pig farming equipment. These types of equipment are also common in large-scale pig farms. Pig raising equipment can be said to play an important role in pig breeding. Pig farmers can choose suitable equipment according to the actual situation of their pig farms.