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What should I do with the chicken manure in the chicken farm?

First: Organic composting

Chicken manure itself can be used as pure natural farmyard fertilizer. Everyone can gather chicken manure in the farm every day. After they ferment, they can be transported to the field for fertilizer. Moreover, the nutritional value of chicken manure is not low. It contains trace elements required for plant growth, and the fertility after fermentation can be greatly increased. If you have smart friends, you can also set up a composting place to sell these fertilizers to make money. It is also a good part-time job.

Second: processing into fertilizer

This technology is just emerging recently. As long as the sun dried chicken manure is mixed with corn stalks, it can become the feed for pigs and sheep. After use, the effect is also good. The content of some trace elements is not bad. Another way is to ferment chicken manure in the sun and then grind it into powder, which can be added during feeding. But remember: the content of chicken manure in the feed should not exceed 15%. If you dry it directly, the content should not exceed 12%. It is recommended that you process it into feed and put it in again, so it is safer to dry it in the sun.

Third: biogas digester raw materials

This is also a common approach. The biogas produced from chicken manure can make a fire, and the biogas residue can also be used as fertilizer, which can give full play to the value of chicken manure. After you have built the biogas digester, you only need to pour chicken manure into the biogas digester regularly, so that the smell of chicken manure can not be distributed easily. Just ferment slowly in the biogas digester for a month or half a month, so that chicken manure will not accumulate in one place for a long time.

Fourth: direct feeding

This method is not used by many people, but it is still practical. This method has certain time requirements. It is best to use fresh chicken manure. It can be used to feed fish and pigs. As above, the content can not account for 15% of the total feed content. You can't feed too much. It's easy to make pigs sick. It's easier to feed fish, and you can feed it directly in a semi dry state.