Layer Cage system

Layer cage system with transmission and multi-layer, choose or not choose ventilation pipeline by the customer demand ( it is usually using ventilating ducts for the high cage floors and the large quantity of the proposed coop)Laying hens breeding equipment.
The same breeding scale of stacked layer cage of farming equipment can save 30% less than traditional ladder type. 
Our layer cage use of fully enclosed breeeding mode can achieve the separation of human and chicken ,reduce the invasion of exotic chicken disease,prevent cross infection,reduce the cost of drug use.
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  • LAYER CAGE SYSTEM​ high degree of automation effectively preventing infectious diseases increase stocking density High Land Utilization strong and sturdy

  • The cage net is made of galvanized wire mesh, which is 3-4 times the corrosion resistance of ordinary hot-dip galvanized wire mesh. The bottom net is installed on the tensioned steel wire, which has high elasticity and can greatly reduce the broken and cracked eggs. , and at the same time, avoid chicken manure splashing into the lower trough;

  • The advantage of using a Stepped Brood Rearing Equipment is to make full use of the area of the brooding room, which is convenient for heat preservation and disinfection, so that the chicks and chicken manure are separated and reduced. The occurrence of coccidiosis and other diseases increases the survival rate

  • Cage equipment for laying hens,laying cage system with transmission and multi-layer,choose or not choose ventilation pipeline by the customer demand(it is usually using ventilating ducts for the high cage floors and the large quantit of the proposed coop)

  • Layer breeding equipment has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, automatic feeding, automatic water, automatic dung cleaning, environment automatic control characteristics.The coop scaffold is made of material with hot dip galvanizing process. and have a lifetime of up to 15 years.The cage uses the cold drawn steel wire welding hot dip galvanizing process which is generally 3-4 times the service life of cold galvanizing

  • Stack type automatic egg collection device Breakage rate and the level of equipment performance is directly related to the fundamental interests of farmers, egg collection system can reduce the breakage rate and be easy to use as the basic principle.

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