Technology, such as pit fans, curtains, and heaters, is being implemented into husbandry ventilation today in an effort to become more efficient at providing an optimal environment for pigs or chickens.
Husbandry Ventilation can be defined as a process for controlling several environmental factors by diluting inside air with the mixing of fresh outside air (The Service, 1990). Basically, ventilation brings in oxygen and expels or dilutes harmful dusts, gases, and undesirable odors, as well as airborne organisms and moisture from the hogs or broilers.
Negative pressure systems are the most widely used husbandry ventilation systems today. They have air inlets located at the top of the walls and the air comes out through extractors located in the ceiling. Another configuration of this system is characterized by extractors located in the lower parts of the walls or under slats, and in this way a better control of harmful gases is achieved, especially ammonia.
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  • centrifugal exhaust fan is now used as a kind of equipment used in engineering. In the process of using this equipment, push-pull negative pressure fan is also constantly changing. In today's market, this equipment has reached The height of the automatic control system is very convenient to use, and it is not easy to malfunction.

  • Compared with push-pull fans, the price of the Swung Drop Hammer Fanis relatively low. The heavy hammer fan is equipped with an unpowered swing hammer, and the shutters can be opened by the air volume of the fan. This unique mechanism can ensure that the fan operate without problems for many years.

  • Air Circulation Fan is a fan that circulates the indoor air,which can circulate the indoor hot and cold air to reduce the temperature difference.according to the difference circulation direction,it can be divided into horizontal circulation fan and vertical circulation fan.

  • Evaporative cooling Pad is based on the natural physical phenomenon of water evaporates and absorbs heat", that is, water flows from top to bottom under the action of gravity, forming a water film on the corrugated fiber surface of the cooling pad. When the fast-moving air passes through the cooling pad, the water in the water film absorbs the heat in the air and evaporates, so that the temperature of the air passing through the cooling pad is reduced, thereby achieving cooling effect. (The fast-moving air is produced by the fan to draw the air outside)

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