Farrowing Crates

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  • Compared with the common sow farrowing bed, the European-style sow farrowing bed can be adjusted to provide a comfortable environment for the farrowing sows. The piglet's PVC baffle can effectively prevent the epidemic and the spread of viruses, and colleagues have a better thermal insulation effect. The sow bit frame adopts the overall hot-dip galvanizing process, and the coating is uniform

  • farrowing crate The farrowing crate, the bed frame is welded with hot-dip galvanized pipe, the sow pen is made of 1-inch pipe with 2.5 thick period of hot-dip galvanized pipe, and the piglet pen is made of 2.5-thick hot-dip galvanized pipe, which is strong and durable. Anti-aging. preservative

  • Farrowing crates is based on the design of modern pig farms. It provides safe and comfortable environment for the sows to childbirth and breeding. It is very significant to improve the survival rate of piglets.

  • Compared with the ordinary farrowing crates, the European-style sow farrowing bed can be adjusted to provide a comfortable environment for the sows. The large frame adopts the overall hot-dip galvanizing process, with uniform coating, strong adhesion, durable corrosion resistance, longer trial life, adjustable rear door direction and width of the fence, flexible and changeable; the height of the anti-pressure bar can be adjusted to improve the survival rate of piglets ;The sow trough can be turned over for easy cleaning

  • pig fecal leakage board is light in weight and resistant to decay. It is more durable than wood, bamboo and cast iron(fragile) materials in the environment of high humidity, The surface is flat and smooth, with anti-corrosion property and anti-skid layer. The temperature difference is small. The temperature difference between day and night of plastic is better than that of cast iron which is beneficial to the health of livestock. so as to avoid cold or scald due to large temperature difference. It can have sufficient ventilation throughout the year to isolate feces, reduce the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms, prevent animal death and cause economic losses

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