Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fan uses the cooling principle of air convection and negative pressure ventilation. It is a kind of natural intake of fresh air from the opposite side of the installation site --- the door or window, and the hot indoor air is quickly forced out of the outdoor. 
It has the characteristics of low investment cost, large air volume, low noise, low energy consumption, stable operation, long life, high efficiency, etc. The shutters of exhaust fan  automatically open and close to achieve dustproof, waterproof, beautiful appearance; it can be blown or exhausted, and it is a modern workshop to cool down The best choice for ventilation. 
It is environmentally friendly and energy-saving negative pressure fans will become the mainstream of the ventilation and cooling equipment market
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  • centrifugal exhaust fan is now used as a kind of equipment used in engineering. In the process of using this equipment, push-pull negative pressure fan is also constantly changing. In today's market, this equipment has reached The height of the automatic control system is very convenient to use, and it is not easy to malfunction.

  • Compared with push-pull fans, the price of the Swung Drop Hammer Fanis relatively low. The heavy hammer fan is equipped with an unpowered swing hammer, and the shutters can be opened by the air volume of the fan. This unique mechanism can ensure that the fan operate without problems for many years.

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