Double European sow farrowing crate
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Double European sow farrowing crate

Compared with the common sow farrowing bed, the European-style sow farrowing bed can be adjusted to provide a comfortable environment for the farrowing sows. The piglet's PVC baffle can effectively prevent the epidemic and the spread of viruses, and colleagues have a better thermal insulation effect. The sow bit frame adopts the overall hot-dip galvanizing process, and the coating is uniform

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Product Description

Single-sided stainless steel piglet feeding trough, no dead ends, no waste of feed, multi-position feeding, feeding regulators on both sides, automatic feeding, and can be fixed on the farrowing crate.

The cast iron dung leakage board for sows does not waste feed, does not damage the pig's teat, and is convenient for cleaning the feces. The plastic dung leakage board for piglets does not stick to the pig's feet, with small temperature difference and strong weighing.

Install anti-jump bars at the sow position to prevent the sow jumps out of the fence

The gap between the fence is as small as 4cm to prevent piglets from digging out

 Prevent the sow from overpowering the piglets and allow safe passage for the piglets

Sow hog slat, no waste of feed, no damage to pig nipples, easy to clean manure

Piglet position plastic leakage board, no pig feet, small temperature difference, strong weighing

Front and rear doors both can be opened,

Front and rear doors both can be opened for convenient management

Equipped with 150w insulation lamp, energy saving and environmental protection, durable, multi-level adjustable, insulation box insulation, environmental protection, clean and hygienic, and equipped with insulation pad

The anti-pressure rod can effectively prevent the sow from crushing

 the piglets and improve the survival rate of the piglets

Adjustment buckles are installed in multiple places, so that the width of the sow position and the height of the bottom bar can be adjusted according to the needs.

Bamboo plywood insulation box is fireproof and heat preservation, strong and durable, with long service life

The incubator has good thermal insulation effect, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and simple installation

FRP bottom beam is corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, light-weight and high-strength

Overall hot-dip galvanizing: welding first, then hot-dip galvanizing, which can solve the problem of no zinc layer at the welding port, and last longer.

Ordinary hot-dip galvanizing: the pipe is hot-dip galvanized first, and then welded, and the welded joint is not galvanized.

The advantages of overall hot-dip galvanizing: There are small voids at the bend of the pipe body and the interface, so that the zinc layer can be attached to the inside and outside of the steel member, so as to have a better anti-corrosion effect.

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