Broiler Cage

The steel wire of our broiler cage is  made of Q195 which  is selected for hot-dip galvanizing after welding, and the service life is 10-15 years. 
We pay attention to every installation detail for broiler cage, and choose 8.8kg Dacromet bolts for fastening.
The  broiler cage plate combination is inlaid and buckled on the bracket, which is simple to operate and has a firmer structure
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  • Our stacked broiler breeding equipment used for broilers.has been qualified by CAMTA test.Automatic feeding, drinking water, cleaning manure, wet curtain cooling, centralized management, automatic control, saving energy, improving labor productivity, reducing artificial feeding costs, and greatly improving the breeding efficiency of farmers

  • stacked brood rearing equipment, Layered breeding,also known as "H" type cages, has a high breeding density, a small floor area, and a large number of layers, generally four layers, up to 10 layers, and higher efficiency. Greatly save the land use area.

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