Our Culture

Industry pays back the society, cooperation creates both wins.

JRF principles:deal with concrete work relating to work

JRF spirit: findout truth and be realistic, bold to try firstly and try new things

Human resourcesprincipals: respect the human resources and fulfill their potentials, make roomfor human resource to develop

Enterprises management style: high efficient,professional, cooperative, enthusiastic.

Managementprinciples: take the customer as basic, take the quality as first, putting there putation first , putting the service first

Management strategy: innovation of products,development of new markets, hold shares of new market

Culture principles: putting people first,developing harmoniously

Managementprinciples: take performance as target, take figure as standard, dig thecreativity through the system, ad vocative ofthe set up of study groups, let the employee and the company developtogether, encouragement of innovation, pursuethe sustainable development