88 eggs incubator
  • Air Pro88 eggs incubator

88 eggs incubator

Industrial type incubator is used for poultry farming industry. Temperature & humidity display Automatic temperature & humidity control Eggs automatic turn Automatic ventilation Combination of setter and hatcher Transparent window for observation

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Product Description


Incubator parameters

Egg capacity

Chicken, black-bone chicken, pheasant, turkey: 88 pieces

Pigeons and partridges: 112 .

Mandarin ducks, turkeys, peacocks, ducks: 63 pieces

Middle goose, goose, big goose: 32 pieces

Use voltage: 220V

Electric heating power: 150 W

Temperature control accuracy: ≤±0.1℃

Overall size: 70*55*80 (CM)

Size after packing : 72*57*88 (CM)

Specifications : 1 layer * 1 egg tray

Working conditions
1. Working voltage: AC 185V~235V, 50Hz
2. Relative humidity: less than 85%
3. Ambient temperature: -10℃~40℃

Machine configuration

whole machine, egg tray (there is a chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, bird egg tray, which can be worn free of charge, and can be matched and selected), hatching basket, egg holder, manual, incubation technical data, water inlet pipe, and spare travel switch.

The main function

Automatic temperature control, humidity control, egg turning, water addition, alarm, ventilation.

Features of this machine

Reliable and accurate temperature and humidity control, imported temperature and humidity sensor.
Scientific circulation ventilation system.
Stable and reliable automatic egg turning mechanism, automatic temperature and humidity control.

Multi-mode incubation (using a microcomputer control system, there are 5 modes to choose from: chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, custom, one incubator can hatch a variety of eggs)






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